Maw of Chattur’Gha

The final door sat towards the left side of the corpse lock chamber, a glowing fiery rune occupying the entrance.

As you had done before, you led yourselves into the caves, expecting the scenery to change at a moment’s notice. Initially you felt this oppressing heat, almost as if you were in a steamy jungle. No apparent smells could be discerned, so you continued forward. Eventually the natural features of the cave ended in a large gaping hole in the ground, big enough for all of you to easily fit through. The heat seemed to be rising from this hole, and with no other apparent way out you anchored a rope to the cavern wall and descended downward.

The hole descended into another warped world of alien architecture. This world seemed like a large spherical domain composed of a tight sinewy flesh. While still a large area, your sight could easily determine the spherical nature of your surroundings. The whole place seemed like some sort of planetoid, covered in a red, muscular like substance. As you traipsed around you heard a distant thumping sound.

The sound was soon discovered to be the dumping of slain bodies into a large massive pit. Strange, sinewy skinned four legged creatures were using their long and lash like tongues to whip bodies into the pit. Opting for a stealth approach, you inched closer and closer towards the creatures, unaware of their nature or hostility. Eventually they noticed you, and with a deafening howl they proceeded to attack you with their long lashing tongues. Eventually a much larger creature ascended out of the pit. You all presumed this was what the creatures must of been feeding before you’re party interrupted their dinner. Halfway through the fight the ground itself seemed to form an encompassing wall, that was slowly caroling you into the massive pit.

After the battle, the world started to deteriorate. But instead of merely crumbling, the heat became intensely oppressive. The pit erupted into a geyser to arching fire, causing you all to retreat back to the entrance and the rope which had led you down into the world.

When the plane finally swallowed itself up, a tertiary phantom appeared with a similar message as the rest. This barbarian like entity cursed the three beings that had wrought your encounters thus far, but encouraged you to seek their demise. In the process of his rantings, he offered one tantalizing clue to further your adventures. A charred map of area, that displayed a gargantuan underwater city off the coast of Ashenport. On the city was also the faint outline of a hidden dock, that lay towards the southwestern part of town….

Essence of Chattur’Gha

The Blue Guardian

Detecting latent arcane energy and judging by the type of lock and key you were able to eventually narrow down the possible candidates for the key. Upon finding the correct lock the whole room plunged downward. Sengara wasn’t in the room at the time, because he was floating above you all in his own separate room. Sengara tried to reconfigure the main portal to take him to what he thought was the location of the rest of his party but ended up in a strange underwater sphere. The sphere was no naturally construct, and he quickly met it’s guardian, who seemed particularly interested in his relationship with the blue crystal. The three legged crustacean jelly fish like creature judged Sengara as somewhat useful and proceeded to defeat Sengara and make him its puppet. Luckily the rest of the party was only a few steps behind Sengara and eventually managed to catch up by dropping in from higher up in the sphere structure.

After defeating the guardian the entire sphere began to break and flood with sea water. All of you ran back to room with 1,000 locks and tried to figure out a way to return to the surface. Unfortunately the water was too fast and strong and quickly filled the room despite your best efforts. Terza proceeded to make a raft out of ice in order to float the rest of you to the surface. Using a combination of Isa’s might, and the arcane blasts of Corrin, Sengara and Terza’s magic you all eventually made it to a more comfortable environment. The trip was longer then you expected, but most of you managed to avoid asphyxiation by the time the raft bobbed to the surface.

Once you could breathe easily, you noticed that this world was also draining away in part to the death of this guardian. The whole ocean was draining into a single point deep underwater, creating a massive whirlpool that sucked in your raft, along with a few of the giant jelly fish you saw in the sky earlier. You tried to steer the raft clear of a few of the obstructions, but you all took massive damage from a quick brush with the stinging tentacles of a giant floating jelly-fish. As the water drained and eventually swallowed your boat of ice, you felt the cold sting of the freezing water enter your veins and begin to snuff the life out of those that were alive in the first place. At that moment of death, you felt all your bodies instantly dropped onto wet earth. Suddenly you were back in the cave again, but this time a different artifact sat on the pedestal.

Essence of Ulyoath

This artifact beckoned to Sengara, who received a similar warning from the spirit of an Eladrin adventurer that Corrin had gotten earlier. He wrapped the artifact in cloth and placed it into his bag.

A Twilight Ocean

After a brief rest, you all decided to take the middle path. This doorway was sealed with a blue rune.

Corrin could feel his crystal flicker with excitement at the barrier. Obliging it’s needs Corrin placed his green crystal on the barrier, and watched it turn into a brittle ethereal glass before shattering away beneath his touch. The passage behind the barrier looked like simple cavern walls, but all you suspected it would not stay so mundane forever.

The path ended with a large mirror that completely blocked any further path forward. The only strange quirk about this mirror was that it reflected everything in the tunnel except yourselves. Terza saw no immediate danger and simply pressed her palm against the glass. Oddly enough her palm passed right through it, and Terza continued onward without hesitation. The rest of you eventually followed.

The mirror led to a completely new room, with metallic concrete like material lining the walls and an open roof that displayed the vista of a twilight sky. You could hear the torrent of vast waves emanating from all around you. What you thought were clouds in the darkening sky were actually large floating jelly-fish like creatures wafting through the air. The room was completely unadorned and empty, except for a singular large portal like structure occupying the far wall. The majority of you could sense arcane energy emanating from the portal, and it quickly responded to your touch when you came near it. Terza walked through first and disappeared into it. Corrin followed but found himself in a copy of the room he was just in, sans a portal….and air!

Terza found herself into a similar room, except filled with water. Sengara and Isa followed and wound up in rooms with Misner walls and a strange booklet on a simple table. After a bit of investigation you all came to notice that the rooms were floating above a huge ocean. Each room was separated by a vast expanse of space, but all sat on the same aerial plane, and in a 3×3 square for a total of nine separate rooms. Eventually Sengara managed to get outside of his room using his spider, and discovered how to manipulate the levitation device that kept the rooms afloat. With his own personal floating barge room Sengara managed to track down the rest of the party, whilst discovering similar rooms that existed under unique conditions. One room in particular proved promising, a room with 1,000 locks on the walls but only one key.

The Warped Angel

After a full rest in the trap dimension you started to head back out by using one of the exit dais. Sengara began to inspect a large machine on one of the floating islands, and discovered that it was some sort of magical forge that could be fed residuum in order to upgrade magical weapons. Realizing he had no residuum on hand, he decided to come back once he had an ample supply.

You all stepped back onto the dais and returned to the crag of rock you had discovered earlier. Little seemed unchanged, the sky was still a green tumultuous storm around you, and that large emaciated statue was still motionless at the far end of the land. You cautiously made your way towards it, hoping to find answers as to why it was here and what this place was. Once you all were near it, you head a telepathic voice echo in your minds.

Have you come to entertain me?

The ground began to tear apart and swirl upward until it sat suspended in the air around the creature. You felt yourself pulled into it, as if it was beckoning you to join it in its madness. But it was defeated, dealt the killing blow by Terza who froze its broken corpse and watched it plunge into the clouds below. Sengara hastily tried to grab the creature in order to extract residium from its body, but he only managed to snag only a piece of the Warped Angel.

The room seemed to fold into the hole created by the death fall of the Warped Angel. The clouds, the ground, even the ambient lighting seemed to spiral downwards into the hole that the Warped Angel had fallen into. The entire reality you were fighting in seemed to peel away and fall into the hole until finally it was revealed that you were back in the caverns you started off in. An ancient, but somewhat whole pedastal sat lonely towards the far end of a cave. On top of it sat a small rotating artifact , similar in theme to the Warped Angel, but much more focused and potent.

Essence of Xel’lotath

Corrin reached out to it, hearing it beckon him but his actions were muted when a ghostly figure walked through one of the cavern walls. It was the ghostly apparition of a long dead dwarvern hero who warned Corrin of the danger of the artifact and the maddening essence of Xel’otath that it held within. Corrin headed the warning, wrapped the artifact in cloth and placed it into his bag. The rest of you gathered yourselves and headed back to the main room , ready to pursue another adventure.

A Look into Madness

You followed Terza further into the tunnel. As you continued on, you all began to notice that the tunnel began to spiral in a counter clockwise fashion, yet the inclination of the spiral did not hinder your movement. Instead, the gravity in the tunnel seemed to pull along the spiral, maintaining an even footing even as you walked up the “walls” of the tunnel.

Eventually you all came face to face with the end of the tunnel, which was a gigantic eye that filled the whole tunnel. Two large gaunt-like hands overlapped the eye, which was eerily missing an eyelid. The hands themselves were like and slender, with only three fingers and one thumb. The iris stared straight ahead, not noticing your presence until it sensed the green crystal held by Corrin. At that point the hands slid off the eye and formed a small altar like gesture, beckoning to Corrin to have the gem placed in its fingers. Corrin willingly placed his gem into the fingers. At that moment everyone heard a simultaneous exaltation of pleasure emanate in their minds, as if three simultaneously female voices both exhaled a sigh of relief from some eon long torture. Then the hands firmly grasped the gem, and stabbed the gem itself into it’s own eye. No scream of pain, no splash of blood, just a wet plunk of stone hitting wet meat. The fingers drove the crystal into the eye, which sucked inward upon itself, gradually expanding and contorting until it formed a pathway through the eye itself. The walls of this newly formed tunnel were a sinewy construct of red flesh that became taught upon every step you took upon it. Corrin retrieved his gem at the end of the tunnel and your whole party gradually emerged from the tunnel

The pathway opened up into a landscape that had no reason being in a cave. A large piece of broken earth seemed to float amidst a spiraling torrent of green inked clouds. At the far end of this expanse you spotted some sort of four limbed figure, motionless in the distance, surrounded by other humanoid like creations. Some other notable landmarks were a field of crystals, and a large pool of glowing green vicious liquid, randomly filled by and eye that opened up in SPACEEE! On your way to confront the large four limbed creature, you heard a strange whistle chirp emanate from the ground, as fleshly four legged creatures with scorpion like tails emerged from the ground. They seemed to be randomly traipsing about, until one latched onto Terza and transported her into a Trap Dimension. While the rest of your party continued onward, Terza eventually escaped the Trap Dimension and joined the fight. After the battle with a hulking horror and a few tattered mummy like creatures, she informed all of you that the dimension could be used as a resting place, and even seemed to have some sort of healing aura.

Hulk Horror

Corpse Locks and Strange Crystals

After defeating the perilous amounts of undead your party pressed on, knowing that staying in the pit wouldn’t be the greatest idea.

You traveled through the passage way and farther into the rock. You gradually felt your path ascend high until you came to a set of stairs beneath a large iron door. The door was a massive iron wrought monster, so big and daunting that it almost dared you to topple it in a single blow.

Isa successfully discovered how to unlock the door from this side and managed to allow one side of the door to swing open. You immediately encountered a group of cultists hovering around the body of an unconscious naked man. You also noticed that the light emanating from your sunrod was being dimmed by some unknown force, which was later revealed to be a dark mantle. The room itself was a cavernous opening in the stony earth, with three ominous doors placed at the far end.

During the skirmish, Isa hit the man with her cloud of steel. The man sprung to life and fled into a corner to escape being wounded again. Sengara also managed to capture one of the cultists and interrogate him for information. You learned that the three doors lead to long conquered foes of Dagon, whom he imprisoned here in an effort to contain them and to sap their energy to strengthen his own power in this realm.

After the encounter you noticed that man was adorned with four glyph like tattoos on his body, that corresponded to four gel filled chambers that were positioned symmetrical throughout the room. The glyphs depicted pointed to the man’s head, eyes, heart, and stomach. Those versed in the arcane immediately recognized that the whole room was a corpse lock. With little hesitation, Sengara ordered Isa to kill the man, and subsequently proceeded to harvest his organs for the ritual.

A surprising twist was witnessed when the slab upon which the man was utilized on produced three colored crystals. Each crystal seemed to have a personality of its own. Corrin picked up the green one, which ebbed with a maniacal madness. Terza preferred the red one, whose weight suggested sheer brutish force. Sengara settled with the blue one, a cool and collected stone which felt like vast universal knowledge condensed into corporeal form. It was no real test to see that the crystals themselves harbored some sort of mystical energy, since you immediately felt rejuvenated upon grasping anyone of them.

With her crimson crystal, Terza headed toward the door furthest to the right. It seemed to sense her presence and opened with little effort. Behind the door sat a sickly green barrier, where a single burning rune sat in its center.

Terza held her crimson crystal to it, and the barrier seemingly dissipated like a dense fog. She mentioned to the rest of you to follow her further down the path.

Corpse Pit

The descent into blackness was a brief interlude to a much worse fate. You quickly reasserted yourselves and noticed you had all been dropped into a massive cavern for fetid and rotting bodies. The noxious fumes choked every breath, and caused your eyes to well up in tears. A few piles of bodies clumped together in certain places, while a shallow pool of stagnant blood occupied one corner. In the inky blackness you heard the wet sodden sound of footsteps on damp earth. Terza’s sunrod illuminated your surroundings, revealing groups of shambling zombies. Some appeared to be waterlogged cultists, while a few others were bloated masses of fuming flesh and bone. Others would stay to the sidelines, shambling nexuses of dark energy and tattered flesh. A large guardian, haphazardly composed of many other rotting parts shifted towards the far end of the cavern.

Deeper into the Darkness.

Sengara offered her “aid” to Terza for interrogation of Ramona. Ramona was given food and clothing before Terza began questioning her of how she came to be underneath the Church. Ramona explained that she was abducted from in public, with dozens of onlookers standing idly by as she was dragged screaming into the subterranean areas of the Church. She vaguely remembers being tied to some sort of stone altar and repeatedly branded with large iron brands all over her body. Sengara provided a parchment and quill to have Ramona reveal the details of the room she had mentioned. Ramona haphazardly drew an large room with a raised section and an altar. She also drew a large open bit with a sloped circumference to allow blood to easily drain into it. Ramona then quickly asked to rest since she hadn’t been able to sleep for days. Terza kept her under guard and then collected the rest of the adventurers to head back into the Church.

You all continued through the dungeon, and quickly found your way to the room described by Ramona. Large octopoid statues similar to the creature you fought earlier. The stone was a dark obsidian color which seemed to drain any point of light that landed upon it. Sengara asked Isa to tear off a finger off one of the statues but she was unsuccessful. Terza tried but missed horribly, later she successfully broke open another statue. The inside of the statue seemed to bleed water, suggesting that the stone itself was quarried from some water soaked location.

You all noticed that the only exit in the room seemed to be the massive pit. Seeing no other option you all started to head back to the main room and explore more of the area. Unfortunately someone else had other plans for you. A robed figure immediately stopped you in your tracks and cast a barrier spell to prevent you from leaving the room. The figure spoke very little, only mentioning your foolish actions as of late. Slowly lifting his hands the figure uprooted the very stone beneath you, easily casting some of you into the open pit, while others valiantly tried to hang on to whatever lay around them. Eventually the momentum of the stranger’s power was too great and you all found yourselves tumbling into darkness.

A Maw of Torque

The steps spiraled down into a larger rectangular room with doors

Some of the rooms seemed to be the sleeping and storage quarters for the Cult of Dagon.

Sengara noticed a movable way in one of the closets. Behind it was the shackled corpse of a water soaked human. His decay had revealed he had been dead for about a week, and his bloated body seemed anxious to burst. Sengara hit the body with a bolt of magic, hoping to find an object of value in his bowls. But to no avail.

You entered two large double doors and fought with cultists who seemed to be in a procession or gathering of some sort. They seemed to be dragging a tortured women at the head of their procession. They proclaimed to their neophyte companions that the “Maw must be fed!” before hurling themselves into the tear in space. Bizarre creatures emerged as a result, shards of chaotic elemental fire and a alien octopoid.

After the encounter Terza retrieved the body of the tortured, who proclaimed her name was Ramona and that she was thankful to be rescued. She quickly passed out, but not before revealing that she would give the party some minor details of the underground. Terza quickly encouraged everyone to head back to their lodgings for a rest and then immediately continue exploring the rest of the cult’s lair. Terza hoisted Ramona onto her shoulder and took her back to her house to interrogate her.

The Church

After a rest, Terza collected all of you and told it was all in your best interests to head to the Church and get to the bottom of what is happening here in Ashenport.

The rain continued its barrage as you all ascended the hill in the northwestern part to town on which the Church loomed over, like a decrepit and corrupted guardian.

Upon entering the church you noticed not a single soul was in sight, yet a few candles had been freshly lit. After a short inspection some of you noticed a strange draft coming form beneath the dais of the altar. It ended up being a rotating door triggered by moving of the pews as a trigger. Man made steps were hewn through the earth itself and led lower into the abyss.


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