A Look into Madness

You followed Terza further into the tunnel. As you continued on, you all began to notice that the tunnel began to spiral in a counter clockwise fashion, yet the inclination of the spiral did not hinder your movement. Instead, the gravity in the tunnel seemed to pull along the spiral, maintaining an even footing even as you walked up the “walls” of the tunnel.

Eventually you all came face to face with the end of the tunnel, which was a gigantic eye that filled the whole tunnel. Two large gaunt-like hands overlapped the eye, which was eerily missing an eyelid. The hands themselves were like and slender, with only three fingers and one thumb. The iris stared straight ahead, not noticing your presence until it sensed the green crystal held by Corrin. At that point the hands slid off the eye and formed a small altar like gesture, beckoning to Corrin to have the gem placed in its fingers. Corrin willingly placed his gem into the fingers. At that moment everyone heard a simultaneous exaltation of pleasure emanate in their minds, as if three simultaneously female voices both exhaled a sigh of relief from some eon long torture. Then the hands firmly grasped the gem, and stabbed the gem itself into it’s own eye. No scream of pain, no splash of blood, just a wet plunk of stone hitting wet meat. The fingers drove the crystal into the eye, which sucked inward upon itself, gradually expanding and contorting until it formed a pathway through the eye itself. The walls of this newly formed tunnel were a sinewy construct of red flesh that became taught upon every step you took upon it. Corrin retrieved his gem at the end of the tunnel and your whole party gradually emerged from the tunnel

The pathway opened up into a landscape that had no reason being in a cave. A large piece of broken earth seemed to float amidst a spiraling torrent of green inked clouds. At the far end of this expanse you spotted some sort of four limbed figure, motionless in the distance, surrounded by other humanoid like creations. Some other notable landmarks were a field of crystals, and a large pool of glowing green vicious liquid, randomly filled by and eye that opened up in SPACEEE! On your way to confront the large four limbed creature, you heard a strange whistle chirp emanate from the ground, as fleshly four legged creatures with scorpion like tails emerged from the ground. They seemed to be randomly traipsing about, until one latched onto Terza and transported her into a Trap Dimension. While the rest of your party continued onward, Terza eventually escaped the Trap Dimension and joined the fight. After the battle with a hulking horror and a few tattered mummy like creatures, she informed all of you that the dimension could be used as a resting place, and even seemed to have some sort of healing aura.

Hulk Horror



A Look into Madness

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