The steps spiraled down into a larger rectangular room with doors

Some of the rooms seemed to be the sleeping and storage quarters for the Cult of Dagon.

Sengara noticed a movable way in one of the closets. Behind it was the shackled corpse of a water soaked human. His decay had revealed he had been dead for about a week, and his bloated body seemed anxious to burst. Sengara hit the body with a bolt of magic, hoping to find an object of value in his bowls. But to no avail.

You entered two large double doors and fought with cultists who seemed to be in a procession or gathering of some sort. They seemed to be dragging a tortured women at the head of their procession. They proclaimed to their neophyte companions that the “Maw must be fed!” before hurling themselves into the tear in space. Bizarre creatures emerged as a result, shards of chaotic elemental fire and a alien octopoid.

After the encounter Terza retrieved the body of the tortured, who proclaimed her name was Ramona and that she was thankful to be rescued. She quickly passed out, but not before revealing that she would give the party some minor details of the underground. Terza quickly encouraged everyone to head back to their lodgings for a rest and then immediately continue exploring the rest of the cult’s lair. Terza hoisted Ramona onto her shoulder and took her back to her house to interrogate her.



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