Corpse Locks and Strange Crystals

After defeating the perilous amounts of undead your party pressed on, knowing that staying in the pit wouldn’t be the greatest idea.

You traveled through the passage way and farther into the rock. You gradually felt your path ascend high until you came to a set of stairs beneath a large iron door. The door was a massive iron wrought monster, so big and daunting that it almost dared you to topple it in a single blow.

Isa successfully discovered how to unlock the door from this side and managed to allow one side of the door to swing open. You immediately encountered a group of cultists hovering around the body of an unconscious naked man. You also noticed that the light emanating from your sunrod was being dimmed by some unknown force, which was later revealed to be a dark mantle. The room itself was a cavernous opening in the stony earth, with three ominous doors placed at the far end.

During the skirmish, Isa hit the man with her cloud of steel. The man sprung to life and fled into a corner to escape being wounded again. Sengara also managed to capture one of the cultists and interrogate him for information. You learned that the three doors lead to long conquered foes of Dagon, whom he imprisoned here in an effort to contain them and to sap their energy to strengthen his own power in this realm.

After the encounter you noticed that man was adorned with four glyph like tattoos on his body, that corresponded to four gel filled chambers that were positioned symmetrical throughout the room. The glyphs depicted pointed to the man’s head, eyes, heart, and stomach. Those versed in the arcane immediately recognized that the whole room was a corpse lock. With little hesitation, Sengara ordered Isa to kill the man, and subsequently proceeded to harvest his organs for the ritual.

A surprising twist was witnessed when the slab upon which the man was utilized on produced three colored crystals. Each crystal seemed to have a personality of its own. Corrin picked up the green one, which ebbed with a maniacal madness. Terza preferred the red one, whose weight suggested sheer brutish force. Sengara settled with the blue one, a cool and collected stone which felt like vast universal knowledge condensed into corporeal form. It was no real test to see that the crystals themselves harbored some sort of mystical energy, since you immediately felt rejuvenated upon grasping anyone of them.

With her crimson crystal, Terza headed toward the door furthest to the right. It seemed to sense her presence and opened with little effort. Behind the door sat a sickly green barrier, where a single burning rune sat in its center.

Terza held her crimson crystal to it, and the barrier seemingly dissipated like a dense fog. She mentioned to the rest of you to follow her further down the path.



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