The descent into blackness was a brief interlude to a much worse fate. You quickly reasserted yourselves and noticed you had all been dropped into a massive cavern for fetid and rotting bodies. The noxious fumes choked every breath, and caused your eyes to well up in tears. A few piles of bodies clumped together in certain places, while a shallow pool of stagnant blood occupied one corner. In the inky blackness you heard the wet sodden sound of footsteps on damp earth. Terza’s sunrod illuminated your surroundings, revealing groups of shambling zombies. Some appeared to be waterlogged cultists, while a few others were bloated masses of fuming flesh and bone. Others would stay to the sidelines, shambling nexuses of dark energy and tattered flesh. A large guardian, haphazardly composed of many other rotting parts shifted towards the far end of the cavern.



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