The Blue Guardian

Detecting latent arcane energy and judging by the type of lock and key you were able to eventually narrow down the possible candidates for the key. Upon finding the correct lock the whole room plunged downward. Sengara wasn’t in the room at the time, because he was floating above you all in his own separate room. Sengara tried to reconfigure the main portal to take him to what he thought was the location of the rest of his party but ended up in a strange underwater sphere. The sphere was no naturally construct, and he quickly met it’s guardian, who seemed particularly interested in his relationship with the blue crystal. The three legged crustacean jelly fish like creature judged Sengara as somewhat useful and proceeded to defeat Sengara and make him its puppet. Luckily the rest of the party was only a few steps behind Sengara and eventually managed to catch up by dropping in from higher up in the sphere structure.

After defeating the guardian the entire sphere began to break and flood with sea water. All of you ran back to room with 1,000 locks and tried to figure out a way to return to the surface. Unfortunately the water was too fast and strong and quickly filled the room despite your best efforts. Terza proceeded to make a raft out of ice in order to float the rest of you to the surface. Using a combination of Isa’s might, and the arcane blasts of Corrin, Sengara and Terza’s magic you all eventually made it to a more comfortable environment. The trip was longer then you expected, but most of you managed to avoid asphyxiation by the time the raft bobbed to the surface.

Once you could breathe easily, you noticed that this world was also draining away in part to the death of this guardian. The whole ocean was draining into a single point deep underwater, creating a massive whirlpool that sucked in your raft, along with a few of the giant jelly fish you saw in the sky earlier. You tried to steer the raft clear of a few of the obstructions, but you all took massive damage from a quick brush with the stinging tentacles of a giant floating jelly-fish. As the water drained and eventually swallowed your boat of ice, you felt the cold sting of the freezing water enter your veins and begin to snuff the life out of those that were alive in the first place. At that moment of death, you felt all your bodies instantly dropped onto wet earth. Suddenly you were back in the cave again, but this time a different artifact sat on the pedestal.

Essence of Ulyoath

This artifact beckoned to Sengara, who received a similar warning from the spirit of an Eladrin adventurer that Corrin had gotten earlier. He wrapped the artifact in cloth and placed it into his bag.



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