A stern and brave swordmage with stark white hair and a mechanical clockwork left arm.


Terza is the leader of the [[Goldleaf Trading Consortium]] detachment sent to [[Ashenport]] to make a deal with the local townsfolk.

She is a stern and brave leader, and quick to take action when the lives of others who are in danger. She wields a frost-based sword in her left hand which chills the air the moment it is drawn from it’s sheath. Another one of dominating features is her mechanical left arm, which seems to have replaced her missing limb. It whirls and clicks whenever she uses it in battle, as well as when she loses her temper. When she wields powerful magical attacks, a thick layer of ice forms on her mechanized limb, until Terza snaps her arm to break the ice and send it in all directions.

Terza is a competent warrior and tactician, and has easily earned the respect of the men and women who follow her.


Ashenport Dirune