Isa is an undead construct with superior rogue skills, no pity, and will blindly follow Sengara's commands.



Sengara, a Drow necromantic warlock, was getting frustrated with the ineptitude and fragility of her undead minions. After years of research and experimentation, she developed a ritual that somehow combined resurrection and raise undead spells in hopes of creating a more autonomous, but still blindly loyal minion. Inside the town in which she happened to be staying, a young up-and-comer in the thieving guild caught Sengara’s attention. Using her ample manipulation skills, Sengara arranged for this thief to be sent on a heist to a large, rich estate outside of town. There, an assassin was hired to wait for the thief and kill her as she was scaling the walls of the manor. A deftly shot arrow later, the thief lay dead on the ground. Of course, no one would pay for the burial of a common thief, and her corpse was carelessly dropped in an open grave – the perfect place for Sengara to perform her new ritual. As not to arouse suspicion, Sengara arrived at the grave a few days after the arranged murder. She used every bit of her necromantic knowledge amassed over more than a century of study, and successfully pulled off this new ritual. From the grave rose the athletic, but stiff body of a young woman. Her jet-black hair was stained with blood, and her skin was starting to show the first signs of decay. At a quick glance, she wouldn’t seem too strange, but seeing her glazed, dead eyes as they stared into the void easily shatters the illusion of life. Sengara named her new “minion” Isa, a name that in no way could be connected to the woman Isa was when she was alive. Her training was efficient and brutal, instilling in Isa that Sengara’s word was to be followed above all else, with no exception. The only pain Isa could feel was Sengara’s disapproval a sudden sting in the infinite void of Isa’s emotion. Once Sengara felt that hew new pet was ready, the two departed for Ashenport, where the rumor of a ominous and dark substance washing ashore aroused Sengara’s interest and lust for greater power.


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