Smooth Sailing Inn and Tavern

Different styles of architecture suggest the building before you was once two or three separate shops, before someone sealed up the spaces between and knocked down the intervening walls. It now forms the largest structure on the block. Smoke rises from several chimneys, only to vanish into the falling rain. Firelight gleams through several windows, and the sound of conversation nearly inaudible in the storm leaks from the doorway. A sign above that door, portraying a ship at full sail on a waveless sea, flaps violently in the wind.


Three different patterns of wooden floor, at three slightly different levels, make up the common room. Beyond this single quirk, however, this might as well be any other tavern: a bar stands on one side of the vast chamber, a staircase on the other, with a smattering of chairs and tables scattered throughout the area. Two fireplaces radiate a comforting warmth throughout the room, and several serving staff whirl about with tankards of ale and plates of smoked fish.

Currently the Inn was damaged heavily in a fight with Pieota. A well of acid formed in one corner where his ooze-like body escaped from. A few of Terza’s men stand guard over the Inn, awaiting any potential dangers.

Smooth Sailing Inn and Tavern

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