A Twilight Ocean

After a brief rest, you all decided to take the middle path. This doorway was sealed with a blue rune.

Corrin could feel his crystal flicker with excitement at the barrier. Obliging it’s needs Corrin placed his green crystal on the barrier, and watched it turn into a brittle ethereal glass before shattering away beneath his touch. The passage behind the barrier looked like simple cavern walls, but all you suspected it would not stay so mundane forever.

The path ended with a large mirror that completely blocked any further path forward. The only strange quirk about this mirror was that it reflected everything in the tunnel except yourselves. Terza saw no immediate danger and simply pressed her palm against the glass. Oddly enough her palm passed right through it, and Terza continued onward without hesitation. The rest of you eventually followed.

The mirror led to a completely new room, with metallic concrete like material lining the walls and an open roof that displayed the vista of a twilight sky. You could hear the torrent of vast waves emanating from all around you. What you thought were clouds in the darkening sky were actually large floating jelly-fish like creatures wafting through the air. The room was completely unadorned and empty, except for a singular large portal like structure occupying the far wall. The majority of you could sense arcane energy emanating from the portal, and it quickly responded to your touch when you came near it. Terza walked through first and disappeared into it. Corrin followed but found himself in a copy of the room he was just in, sans a portal….and air!

Terza found herself into a similar room, except filled with water. Sengara and Isa followed and wound up in rooms with Misner walls and a strange booklet on a simple table. After a bit of investigation you all came to notice that the rooms were floating above a huge ocean. Each room was separated by a vast expanse of space, but all sat on the same aerial plane, and in a 3×3 square for a total of nine separate rooms. Eventually Sengara managed to get outside of his room using his spider, and discovered how to manipulate the levitation device that kept the rooms afloat. With his own personal floating barge room Sengara managed to track down the rest of the party, whilst discovering similar rooms that existed under unique conditions. One room in particular proved promising, a room with 1,000 locks on the walls but only one key.



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