Deeper into the Darkness.

Sengara offered her “aid” to Terza for interrogation of Ramona. Ramona was given food and clothing before Terza began questioning her of how she came to be underneath the Church. Ramona explained that she was abducted from in public, with dozens of onlookers standing idly by as she was dragged screaming into the subterranean areas of the Church. She vaguely remembers being tied to some sort of stone altar and repeatedly branded with large iron brands all over her body. Sengara provided a parchment and quill to have Ramona reveal the details of the room she had mentioned. Ramona haphazardly drew an large room with a raised section and an altar. She also drew a large open bit with a sloped circumference to allow blood to easily drain into it. Ramona then quickly asked to rest since she hadn’t been able to sleep for days. Terza kept her under guard and then collected the rest of the adventurers to head back into the Church.

You all continued through the dungeon, and quickly found your way to the room described by Ramona. Large octopoid statues similar to the creature you fought earlier. The stone was a dark obsidian color which seemed to drain any point of light that landed upon it. Sengara asked Isa to tear off a finger off one of the statues but she was unsuccessful. Terza tried but missed horribly, later she successfully broke open another statue. The inside of the statue seemed to bleed water, suggesting that the stone itself was quarried from some water soaked location.

You all noticed that the only exit in the room seemed to be the massive pit. Seeing no other option you all started to head back to the main room and explore more of the area. Unfortunately someone else had other plans for you. A robed figure immediately stopped you in your tracks and cast a barrier spell to prevent you from leaving the room. The figure spoke very little, only mentioning your foolish actions as of late. Slowly lifting his hands the figure uprooted the very stone beneath you, easily casting some of you into the open pit, while others valiantly tried to hang on to whatever lay around them. Eventually the momentum of the stranger’s power was too great and you all found yourselves tumbling into darkness.



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