Maw of Chattur’Gha

The final door sat towards the left side of the corpse lock chamber, a glowing fiery rune occupying the entrance.

As you had done before, you led yourselves into the caves, expecting the scenery to change at a moment’s notice. Initially you felt this oppressing heat, almost as if you were in a steamy jungle. No apparent smells could be discerned, so you continued forward. Eventually the natural features of the cave ended in a large gaping hole in the ground, big enough for all of you to easily fit through. The heat seemed to be rising from this hole, and with no other apparent way out you anchored a rope to the cavern wall and descended downward.

The hole descended into another warped world of alien architecture. This world seemed like a large spherical domain composed of a tight sinewy flesh. While still a large area, your sight could easily determine the spherical nature of your surroundings. The whole place seemed like some sort of planetoid, covered in a red, muscular like substance. As you traipsed around you heard a distant thumping sound.

The sound was soon discovered to be the dumping of slain bodies into a large massive pit. Strange, sinewy skinned four legged creatures were using their long and lash like tongues to whip bodies into the pit. Opting for a stealth approach, you inched closer and closer towards the creatures, unaware of their nature or hostility. Eventually they noticed you, and with a deafening howl they proceeded to attack you with their long lashing tongues. Eventually a much larger creature ascended out of the pit. You all presumed this was what the creatures must of been feeding before you’re party interrupted their dinner. Halfway through the fight the ground itself seemed to form an encompassing wall, that was slowly caroling you into the massive pit.

After the battle, the world started to deteriorate. But instead of merely crumbling, the heat became intensely oppressive. The pit erupted into a geyser to arching fire, causing you all to retreat back to the entrance and the rope which had led you down into the world.

When the plane finally swallowed itself up, a tertiary phantom appeared with a similar message as the rest. This barbarian like entity cursed the three beings that had wrought your encounters thus far, but encouraged you to seek their demise. In the process of his rantings, he offered one tantalizing clue to further your adventures. A charred map of area, that displayed a gargantuan underwater city off the coast of Ashenport. On the city was also the faint outline of a hidden dock, that lay towards the southwestern part of town….

Essence of Chattur’Gha



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