After a full rest in the trap dimension you started to head back out by using one of the exit dais. Sengara began to inspect a large machine on one of the floating islands, and discovered that it was some sort of magical forge that could be fed residuum in order to upgrade magical weapons. Realizing he had no residuum on hand, he decided to come back once he had an ample supply.

You all stepped back onto the dais and returned to the crag of rock you had discovered earlier. Little seemed unchanged, the sky was still a green tumultuous storm around you, and that large emaciated statue was still motionless at the far end of the land. You cautiously made your way towards it, hoping to find answers as to why it was here and what this place was. Once you all were near it, you head a telepathic voice echo in your minds.

Have you come to entertain me?

The ground began to tear apart and swirl upward until it sat suspended in the air around the creature. You felt yourself pulled into it, as if it was beckoning you to join it in its madness. But it was defeated, dealt the killing blow by Terza who froze its broken corpse and watched it plunge into the clouds below. Sengara hastily tried to grab the creature in order to extract residium from its body, but he only managed to snag only a piece of the Warped Angel.

The room seemed to fold into the hole created by the death fall of the Warped Angel. The clouds, the ground, even the ambient lighting seemed to spiral downwards into the hole that the Warped Angel had fallen into. The entire reality you were fighting in seemed to peel away and fall into the hole until finally it was revealed that you were back in the caverns you started off in. An ancient, but somewhat whole pedastal sat lonely towards the far end of a cave. On top of it sat a small rotating artifact , similar in theme to the Warped Angel, but much more focused and potent.

Essence of Xel’lotath

Corrin reached out to it, hearing it beckon him but his actions were muted when a ghostly figure walked through one of the cavern walls. It was the ghostly apparition of a long dead dwarvern hero who warned Corrin of the danger of the artifact and the maddening essence of Xel’otath that it held within. Corrin headed the warning, wrapped the artifact in cloth and placed it into his bag. The rest of you gathered yourselves and headed back to the main room , ready to pursue another adventure.



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